Car credit without a license: get the best car loan rate

The unlicensed car loan works just like the classic car loan. Either the purchase is oriented towards a new vehicle in which case it is a car loan without a license that must be chosen. Either the credit is intended to finance a used vehicle and in this case, it will be necessary to opt for a personal loan at the best rate. Whatever unlicensed car loan you need, our comparator lists all the best rates from major credit organizations, in order to offer the cheapest credit over all durations and for all amounts.

Car credit without a license: used vehicle

Car credit without a license: used vehicle

Whether you need an unlicensed car loan for an electric vehicle or a combustion engine, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that changes is the price. An electric vehicle costs more. There are no official statistics regarding the price of a vehicle without a used license, but articles that we have been able to read and discussions with our exclusive partner lead us to believe that the average price must be between 7000 USD and 8000 USD.

If you are looking for a car loan without a used license, you will have to turn to a “personal loan”. Indeed, the “car loan” is reserved for the acquisition of a new vehicle. This is also the reason why it is a little cheaper because financial organizations know that in the event of a reimbursement problem, they will be able to recover a vehicle that has more value.

It is through a personal loan that one can get a used car loan at the best rate. This is what you will need to select in our comparison tool to find the best rate on the market:

Car loan without license: new vehicle

Car loan without license: new vehicle

If you are moving towards a car loan without a new license, you will have to choose the “car loan” project. In the same way as for the car loan without second hand license, we classify all the best offers of car loan without new license.

But for car credit without a new license, dealers like Ligier or Aixam can make proposals themselves because they are often associated with a credit organization. But be extremely careful because in most cases the rates are much more expensive because an additional intermediary must also be paid. So outside of the promotional rate period which generally takes place once a year, be very wary and take a good look at the APR rates offered.
We can also talk about car rental without a license which is starting to be practiced more and more, just like for classic cars. This type of license-free car financing costs a lot more than a license-free car loan, as we demonstrated in our exclusive comparison of auto credit, LOA and LLD.

To be sure of getting the best car loan rate without a new license, we advise our customers to get the cheapest rate on the web thanks to our service, and remember it’s completely free and without obligation. Once they have obtained the best market rate from the largest organizations, our customers can then go to a dealership. Either the garage manages to offer a better car loan rate without a license, or they are already in possession of the best offer thanks to us.

Save on car credit without a license

Save on car credit without a license

There is no point in making large demonstrations, so go straight to practice. Take the example of financing a car without a used license worth 7000 USD.

Credit 7000 USD in the form of personal loan over 60 months:

The cheapest fixed APR rate: 5.30% Monthly payment: 132.66 USD total cost of credit: 959.60 USD.

Most expensive fixed APR rate: 8.45% Monthly payment: 142.40 USD total cost of credit: 1,544.00 USD.

Or almost 600 USD difference for exactly the same car credit without a license! And the organization offering the most expensive rate at the time of this survey is without doubt one of the best known in France.

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