Credit Card Points: Learn How To Get The Most Out

Commonly portrayed as one of the villains of the home budget and financial organization, credit cards are also able to offer many advantages when used wisely. One is the credit card points program offered by various brands.

The operation is simple: with every purchase made with the card, the customer accumulates points that in the future can be redeemed for numerous benefits – such as airline tickets, products and services.

Advantages of taking advantage of the card points program include using your spending to buy something you need at no cost and getting a chance to earn bonuses on some purchases.

In this post, you’ll see how to earn more points in your loyalty program, as well as learn about some products and services that can be purchased with the collected score.

Credit Card Points Program Benefits

Credit Card Points Program Benefits

Participating in your credit card points program has many advantages in everyday life. Several flags offer unique benefits to those who have the product, such as pre-sale shows, discounts on airline tickets and travel insurance.

Check out some of the benefits of joining the card program right now!

At each expense, an amount of points

One of the biggest advantages of joining your credit card points program is to score every expense you make through this payment method.

The amount of points accumulated per dollar or current spent varies by flag. For some cards, you can earn, for example, 2.5 points for every dollar. Generally, purchases are reversed to points after payment of the invoice.

Bonus on frequent flyer programs

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Another benefit is the ability to earn points on frequent flyer programs. There are cards that offer this advantage already when hiring the product. Others take specific actions during the year.

If you do not want to lose your points, it is important to check the expiration rules so that there are no surprises when planning a trip, for example.

For some products, the bonus does not expire as long as you continue to use the card. In others, promotional points have a deadline for use by the customer.

Special installments and discounts

Credit card points programs also bring advantages such as special installments on the purchase of airline tickets and discounts on the purchase of frequent flyer points.

Some banners also offer 50% discount on theaters, theaters and shows in affiliated networks.

Insurance and assistance

Insurance and assistance

Taking advantage of the credit card points program is also a way to save money on insurance and travel assistance. Many flags have the benefit of car rental, travel insurance and financial protection, for example.

Point program customers can have exclusive access to VIP lounges, depending on the flag, as well as preferred flight boarding.

How to earn more points with the card

There are several benefits to using the credit card points program to your advantage. Much is said about the great advantage of being able to convert what was accumulated into airline tickets.

But the products and services available for exchange go beyond, such as:

  • electronics
  • home appliances
  • magazine subscriptions
  • car leasing
  • movie tickets and concerts
  • insurance

To make the most of your credit card points program, it is essential to adopt some scoring strategies and access to benefits. Here are some tips for earning more points on your card!

Choose the card well

To earn more points in the loyalty program and redeem in rewards that are really useful for you, it is important to choose the right card. Consider, among other factors, how many points are earned with each purchase, how expiration works, and the benefits offered.

Points accumulated with each purchase vary from one credit card to another, even within the same bank. To choose the best one for you, be sure to research advantages and conditions on the program pages on the financial institutions website.

Focus spending on one card

Focus spending on one card

In addition to choosing the credit card that has the points program that best fits your needs and allows you to accumulate points with less spending, it is essential to focus your expenses on just one or a few cards.

This way, points are accumulated faster and, with high scores, you can transfer what you have joined to the loyalty program of your choice.

Those with 20,000 credit card points and participating in an action that offers 50% transfer bonus can earn up to 10,000 more points on the spot.

Concentrating spending on a few credit cards is also a way to achieve other benefits, such as a discount or even an annuity waiver.

Prefer partner companies

To earn more points on your credit card, prefer to shop at partner companies in your program. Each has its own network of premium brands. Give them preference when shopping at the grocery store, switching computers or fueling their car, for example.

Paying attention to promotions made by the points program is another way to increase your balance. Read through every email marketing company and periodically access its website and app. Thus, you do not lose the chance to enjoy some exclusive benefit.

To avoid having a headache, always read the promotion rules and make sure you provided your social security number / CPF number when making a purchase.

How to exchange your points

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Each credit card points program has specific redemption rules, but you can usually apply on your own website or by phone.

Also be aware of the deadline for points to be credited and / or delivery of the redeemed product and service.

Follow our tips and make the most of your credit card points program. Reverse your spending on exclusive benefits, and save on your monthly expenses.