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Financing and investments

In the textbook, the teachers are introduced to the new classical foundations of finance theory. The most important results of today’s financial market theory can be derived from very few useful theoretical axiomatic approaches and only a few ideal assumptions about the functioning of markets. To the new edition: The first four sections have been restructured, the content expanded and illustrated with numerous examples.

The first quarter now gives an initial insight into the central problem of financial theory. The second part of the chapter deals with the theory of decision from a security and uncertainty perspective. The third part deals with the evaluation theory from a security perspective and starts with the arbitrage theory. Finally, the decision-making and arbitrage theory under Safety are now merged into a multi-year fisher model and subjected to a balance analysis.

The structure of Chapter 4 corresponds to that of Chapter 3, but the evaluation is carried out here under uncertainty. The fourth part leads to the completely new State Preference Model. The section on the theory of option prices shows how to develop the Black-Scholes model from the binomial model.

What is the consumer? Consumer concepts, consumer models and ….


Even if the term “consumer”, “consumer protection” or “consumer law” is often used without explanatory additions, these unified “labels” obscure other consumer concepts and models as well as other protection concepts and legal purposes on closer inspection. A closer look behind the conceptually standardized “facade” is therefore just as worthwhile as a closer examination of the situation-related distinctions in consumer law.

As part of a workshop of the German-Brazilian Research Network for Consumer Law, which took place in Munich in March 2016, the different consumer concepts, consumer models and situation-related distinctions in consumer law were examined from a comparative legal point of view.

As part of the research network for consumer law, the Brazilian-German network stands for a constant scientific dialogue between Brazilians and Germany. The following articles by the Brazilians and German speakers provide a deeper insight into the origins, current status and future prospects of the various aspects of Brazilian, German and European consumer protection.

Check the car for defects during the inspection

Check the car for defects during the inspection

We generally assume that all offers are in perfect condition. Tip: Regional differences in supply and demand can severely affect the market price. Service tip: Contact the provider for additional services or warranties that may result in an increased purchase price.

Tip: Check the car for special conversions during the inspection, which may result in increased costs. Tip: Special equipment, variants and sports versions are not currently included in the evaluation.

Tip: The name of the vehicle is not included in the assessment, since a reliable assessment is not possible. With the price evaluation, you receive objective information about the price-performance ratio of an offer compared to comparable vehicle types. The market price is then calculated using the provider’s ask price. The price-performance ratio is far below the current value.